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Presentation of the group

FOTO_1In the twenty-first century, the challenge of Public Law involves overcoming the coordinates of a Law built on the pillars and the limits of nation states, with the sights set on building the foundations of Global Public Law. We will, no doubt, be faced with a law of an essentially principal nature, which will have to revolve around the demands of Good Governance and Good Administration, a new paradigm on how to govern in the current horizon of globalisation, faced with the profound changes in society, in response to market failures and as a result of new public management. Global Public Law compels us to look towards other legal systems, of the same or very different roots, where, despite the differences, we can speak of the existence of a common law, if by this we mean the needs of citizens as regards the actions of the public authorities.

Globalisation, with its reference to a supranational space, is not limited to a relationship between sovereign States, but implies a common legal space, in which they share the space with non-governmental organisations and private entities, and which has led to the revitalisation of the jus gentium as that which overcomes the jus inter gentes, of classical International Law, and even a return to Natural Law.

Given this situation, it is necessary to rethink the categories of Public Law.