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For several years, researchers at the Global Public Law Group have carried out extensive research work on “Governance and Administrative Law”.

This research has been designed from the notion of the citizen as recipient and basis for the exercise of public power and the necessary review of the main institutions, concepts and categories of administrative law under the prism of recognition of the right to Good Governance and Good Administration, a right that is rated “fundamental” in the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Firstly, the task requires a deeper look at the legal nature with respect to this recognition of Good Governance and Good Administration, either in its conception as a fundamental right or as a guiding principle of the Public Authorities. Secondly, and more specifically, they must identify the various manifestations of Good Governance and Good Administration of Spanish legislation, at both state and regional level.

All this theoretical apparatus aims to conclude with the preparation of discussion and work documents as a basis for a plural, open, dynamic and complementary academic debate that could lead to reforms of the various state and regional regulations which have a more direct impact on the reshaping planned by the institutions of Administrative Law as a result of the recognition of Good Governance and Good Administration.